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livestream & SUBSCRIPTION

Soma Yoga, with its unique blend of somatic practices, developmental patterns, embodied anatomy, and yogic philosophy, serves as a profound vehicle for deepening our relationship with ourselves. Through the exploration of yoga asanas, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance, learning to inhabit their bodies with greater presence and compassion. As we delve into somatic practices and embodied anatomy, we gain a deeper understanding of the intricate workings of our physical form, fostering a sense of reverence and gratitude for the miraculous vessel that carries us through life. Simultaneously, the wisdom of yogic philosophy guides us towards inner peace and harmony, reminding us of our inherent connection to the universe and all its inhabitants. Soma Yoga serves offers a holistic approach to healing and transformation that integrates the body, mind, and spirit bringing greater peace, balance, and wholeness.

Wednesdays 6-7pm EST.

livestream & SUBSCRIPTION

Discover the art of mindful movement with Soma Flow, a transformative class that aims to leave you not just invigorated but empowered from the inside out. Somatics and embodied fitness converge, offering a joyful movement experience that provides unique opportunities to deepen your connection with your body. . Begin on the floor with grounding and centering somatic practices, exploring foundational movement patterns and your relationship with gravity. This initial connection not only alleviates stress and tension, it serves as an essential experience for standing movement practices. Developmentally our body awareness, coordination, and balance are nurtured from the ground up. The chair and standing work cultivates strong, adaptable feet and hips, as well as movement flows— keys to efficient, easeful movement and healthy aging. Soma Flow takes you on an exploration through all body systems, fostering a deeper understanding of the innate intelligence of your body and the interconnected relationships within. Step outside the conventional fitness class and join me for Soma Flow, a holistic, inspiring movement experience. 

Mondays 9-10am EST.



 I have always been fascinated by the body as a profound source of knowledge. The body is inherently political, with each person's physicality expressing their unique story and experiences. Our relationship with our body is where our sense of self begins; it shapes our identity, influences our perceptions, and impacts our interactions with the world. From a young age, I recognized the body's potential to communicate and transform, a realization that has guided my journey through various stages of my life. 
Since my first creative movement class at the age of four, through a professional dance career, my work in behavioral health, and now my MSW program, my lifelong journey has consistently centered around the transformative power of movement. The body is not just a vessel; it is a dynamic, expressive entity that holds our emotions, memories, and aspirations.Understanding and connecting with our body allows us to navigate life's challenges and celebrate its joys with resilience and grace. 
With over 20 years of experience teaching dance, Pilates, yoga, somatic education, and therapeutic movement  in diverse settings, I am dedicated to creating spaces that foster support and nurturance. These environments allow individuals to deeply explore and empower their connection with their body, mind, and spirit. Whether you choose to visit Equilibrium PittsburghMovement Studio or connect with me through Soma Movement at, Fusion Pilates EDU, or Pilates Anytime, my commitment is unwavering. I aim to facilitate transformative holistic movement experiences, always through a trauma-informed lens, to support your journey toward personal growth and wellbeing. 

RSME/T Registered Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist w/ ISMETA (InternationalSomatic Movement Education & Therapy Association).
500 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) w/ EmbodiYoga & Somatics
NCPT (Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher)
BASociology & Performing Arts
MSW(Masters of Social Work – trauma informed curriculum)student through Carlow University. 

xo Allie


Really loved your classes, Allie! Very inspiring for exploring and discovering our ways of moving and what moves us - the spaces in, out, and around us. Could literally spend hours in this self-discovery movement journey.

Sometimes, this is exactly what the body needs; a gentle whisper to help it move and be comfortable within itself

I really liked what you said: there are interesting things in small things. That can be very reassuring for folk who can’t move big but also a reminder to be respectful to the whole movement and fully embrace it, no matter the limitations.

These classes make me inspired to playfully, curiously look into my movement preferences and also risk other choices and places rarely visited in my body.

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